Awesome google doodle celebrates birthday of robert moog withplayable synthesizer

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On Wednesday (local time), visitors to Google s main page can playwith Google s creation using the QWERTY keys of their keyboard andthe arrow keys to switch between the mixer, oscillator, filter, andoscillator to tweak the sound exactly like the real thing. You caneven adjust pitch using a dial on the left size of the doodle tofurther customize the sound. (By the way, look closely: the lines connecting the knobs above thekeyboard spell out Goog, an obvious play on Moog s name.) If you re feeling extra creative and proud of your work, the Moogdoodle will let you record your work using the tape recorder foundto the right of the synthesizer. These creations can then be sharedvia a link or through Google+. Credit: Creative Commons The Moog doodle is the second time a Google doodle has appeared inthe form of a musical instrument.

Last year, the search giant honored guitar legend Les Paul with a doodle in the form of a playable guitar. I wonder if Googlewill give the Moog doodle a permanent home like it did the Les Paul doodle : all we need then is a drum-themed one and you would have a bandwith instruments made out of Google doodles. Until that happens, let s hear your creations. Post your musicalmasterpieces in the comments below. For more tech news and commentary, follow Ed on Twitter at @edoswald , on Facebook , or on Google+ .Awesome google doodle celebrates birthday of robert moog withplayable synthesizer

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